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Earn Money Working Remote

Want to earn money working from home? Always wanted to work for a Blockchain company? Offer your help and expertise to a wide variety of Dapps, businesses and comunities. Registration is FREE - FOREVER

Online Digital Workspace

Build your team from a wide selection of creatives, developers, advisors, and business specialists. Select a business pack during registration and you also get a Slack inspired digital workspace for your team included

Think Tanks and MasterMinds

Have an idea but not yet a business? Create a project now and ask our community for help. When choosing a business pack during registration, you can create your own project, build teams and organise a campaign


  • Join or create Blockchain Projects
  • Recieve of Offer Remote Jobs
  • Get or Set Bounties For Tasks
  • #BUIDL Blockchain businesses
  • Grow Your Community / Exposure

Blockchains to #BUIDL

Steem Blockchain

Join or create projects that are build on the Steem Blockchain

Tron Blockchain

Join or create projects that are created on the Tron Blockchain

Ethereum Blockchain

Join or create projects that are build on the Ethereum blockchain

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